Wednesday, May 5, 2010

44 Days and counting

So, I was just looking at the calendar and there is only 44 days left of this current year....2008! I can't wait. I am looking forward to 2009 being a much better year. Just as a disclaimer though, I am not looking forward to 2009 for political reasons...all I have to say about politics, is, it is over, we have a new President and regardless of your views, get over it and/or get on with your life. (why do I feel I must preface every thought with "it is not about who or who is not President?)

Now, back to 44 days and counting. I have started a count at home for 2009. This year has probably been one of the most stressful, uncertain, and definitely only the 2nd year of my life that has aged me 10 years. I guess I would have to say that this year actually started for me in Aug. 2007. At this time, my oldest son enter his Senior year of High School. (Oh, my baby is really growing up!) As I stated, it started in Aug. 2007 when we had "Senior Night" at his school. Basically a ruse for PTSA meeting, however, there was some useful information that we were going to get as to how his Senior year would play out. Oh, did I mention also this is the first graduating class of South Paulding High School? History in the making, this year would be.

Anyway, Senior Night found me blubbering like a baby as I was having to come to grips with my oldest son finishing his childhood and becoming a man. (Wonder if this is how my mother felt about me, my Senior year...Well not the man part). Oct. 2007 found me cringing when it was time to order his cap and gown, tassel and invitations. No crying yet....wait that was a large check I had to write *sniff sniff*. After which point everything went smoothly at least with him for quite awhile. January exciting new year, right?

No. Shifting gears brings me to my job. Corporate unrest bring many exciting changes. Not necessarily good, easy or timely changes, but it was definitely an exciting time. Starbucks had a new CEO and everyday we waited with baited breath for the next change, next word from our fearless leader, next training meeting and the next shoe to drop. I will have to say that with the turmoil going on at home...okay maybe not at home but definitely within myself...I struggled to keep up, keep my head above water, and deal with time management issues. Was this ever going to end. I thought so.

Things were finally calming down at work, probably about mid-April, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a baby boy in a man's body hold a box for his mommy. What is in this box you ask? Hmmm.....Graduation invitations. A pile of blubbering hysteria I became. They were so beautiful. His name plates, a tassel just for mom and yes Senior pictures soon to follow. Every time someone would come over, I would have to open the sacred box and show off the treasures inside and....tissue...anyone have tissue? My son threatened to take them away from me if I was going to cry every time I looked at them. I crossed my heart (crossed my fingers) and promised not to cry when we looked at them again.

Two weeks before graduation, my son came home to let me know he was graduation with of 13 in his graduating class and that he had won the Presidential Academic Achievement Award! Can you guess what I did? Okay, Okay, you are partially right, however, I was on the phone with my mother when he told me. The phone went flying across the room, I grabbed his neck with a big hug, and you guessed it, cried like a baby. At graduation, all I can say is I am extremely grateful for family or I would have not one picture of his graduation. I barely saw it myself through the water world I was living. One of the proudest days of my life.

Finally, with family life settled back into a routine and the kids vegging on the summer break, I focus again on work.

July 1, 2008, Starbucks announces the closing of over 600 stores nation wide.

July 17, 2008, I am notified that my store is one of the 600 stores. My partners and I were crushed, my store had not yet even celebrated it's one year anniversary.

I think by this time I have already aged 10 years. I am not sure how much more I can handle, when in early Oct 2008, I received an email discussing a 25 year High School reunion...25 year! It can't be, I am not old enough to have done anything 25 years ago. I will not ask how much more I can handle as I still have 44 days to finish this year and I will not tempt fate.

2009 will be a better year as I have not one child graduating High School, Middle School or Elementary School. I will already know the close date for my store or be closed, and I will be on another career path, whether with Starbucks or not. 2009 will be the "take a break" year before my 25th year out of High School and two years before the next Senior in my house.


This was a post that I had on another one of my blogs. The orginal posting date was 11/08.  However, don't we all feel this way most of the time about how fast time passes (especially as we get older)? For me dates and events have changed, but I am still looking forward to either resting between major events or looking forward to another major event.  Since this post, I am now one school year from another High School graduation....stay tuned for more on that graduation.

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